Organic infill for artificial grass


fillingrass® is natural, with no additives. With no mixtures of other synthetic products and 100% Recyclable.

fillingrass® is part of the all-new gardening landscape.

We certify that no damage is done to the environment during the process of manufacturing fillingrass®, in order to aid habitat and ecosystem conservation efforts.

What is fillingrass®?

It is a cork infill with great absorption and impact absorbing capacities which is completely nontoxic, posing no health hazards whatsoever.

fillingrass® leads to a great reduction in heat, which helps to keep artificial grass at a much lower temperature, meaning less wear for the synthetic fibre and an increase in its durability.

fillingrass® has an unlimited lifespan, which means that it is reusable.

Thanks to its great durability, it’s not necessary to replenish the product, thus reducing its maintenance costs.

Installing it is completely harmless; no preventive elements are necessary for it or its environment.

fillingrass® smells of NATURE

What benefits does fillingrass®?

Considerably lower water consumption, with the resulting energy savings and lower environmental impact, aside from money savings.

This provides artificial grass systems that are very fire resistant.

NO DRIFT feature. This makes it difficult for the cork to be washed out by the rain.

NON-ABRASIVE for human skin.

WON’T COMPACT OVER TIME. Thanks to this, granulated cork as an infill material remains loose and does not compact or stick to the synthetic fibres.

EASY TO TRANSPORT AND HANDLE. Its lightness facilitates transport and handling when installing an artificial grass system.

NONTOXIC. Highly recyclable, zero impact on the subsoil, lower environmental cost, thus contributing to the sustainability of our environment.

COMPLETELY ADAPTABLE. Granulated cork perfectly adapts to any type of Bestgarden artificial grass.

fillingrass® has also been certified by FIFA for use in competitive sports facilities.

odourless / colourless / thermal insulator / durable / biodegradable / impermeable / high fire resistance / high coefficient of friction to avoid drift / non-abrasive for skin / does not accumulate static electricity / lightweight / sound absorber / nontoxic or poses no health hazards whatsoever / contributes to the sustainable future of our planet
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